Frequently Asked Questions


Is drinking allowed on your vehicles? Yes, drinking is most definitely allowed on our vehicles. We do have two rules that we insist that our passengers follow: 1) all passengers must be of legal drinking age if alcohol is going to be on board, and 2) no open containers can leave the vehicle at any time during the reservation. As long as those guidelines are followed, feel free to drink and be merry!


Do you stock your vehicles with alcohol? No, due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to supply our guests with alcohol. If you plan on drinking alcohol during your reservation, please plan to bring your own!


Is smoking allowed on your vehicles? No, smoking is not allowed on board any of our vehicles. We do, however, allow for unlimited "smoke breaks" during your reservation, so if you or one of your party would like the driver to pull over, all you have to do is ask.


Do I need to place a deposit to book one of your vehicles? Yes, to book one of our vehicles we do require a $200 minimum deposit via credit card. Upon completion of your reservation, and a brief inspection of the vehicle for damages, the deposit amount will be released back onto your card, much the same way a hotel might put a hold on your card. The deposit is usually returned within 3 business days, provider there is no damage to the vehicle.


How much should I tip my driver? All of our vehicle rates include a built-in minimum gratuity costs, so no additional tip is necessary. However, if you feel that your driver has performed well enough to warrant an additional gratuity, please don't hesitate to tip him or her. This is entirely at your discretion, and is not required or expected.


Can children come on the vehicle? Children can come on our buses and limos. There are no seatbelts to buckle the children in. If there are going to be children or those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the bus or limo. So if the wedding party is taking a bus and the little 3 year old flower girl is there, there cannot be any alcohol.


Are there bathrooms on the buses? None of our buses have a bathroom. They always smell and who would want to hang out 3 feet from a bathroom. You do have unlimited stops so you can go to the bathroom when needed. Simply tell your driver and they will stop at the first, safest spot.


What if we don't want to stop our run? What happens? If you want to continue having fun, that's no problem with us. You will be charged the same rate in 15 minute increments. Meaning, if your rate is $100, every 15 minutes you'll be charged $25. This is so if you only need 30 minutes more, you're not paying for time you didn't use. If you originally had a pretty long run, about 8+ hours, and you want to stay out longer, we might have to switch out drivers but we'll do it at a time that won't inconvenience you at all.


How far can we travel or do we have to stay in the area? You have unlimited stops and miles. You can go anywhere in Michigan except the airports. If you want to rent a bus and drive to Grand Rapids and back, you can. Just as long as your drop off is in the same area as your pick up.


Are there hidden fees? Nope, not with us. You are informed of all the information you need. We don't add any last minute charges before we can start your run. The only charges you may come across is an extensive cleaning fee for puke and a very dirty bus or a damage fee from something being broke.

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